UNODC Drugs Monitoring Platform Brief: Update on patterns and trends in heroin and methamphetamine trafficking from 2020 to 2022 for Afghanistan and neighbouring regions

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This brief examines dimensions of seizure event data to enable early assessments of possible changes in trafficking patterns.

This analysis is based on selected countries situated along the initial stages of the southern route and along the Balkan (excluding West and Central Europe), Caucasus, and northern routes, focusing on seizures of heroin and methamphetamine of 5 kilograms or larger in size taking place in South-West Asia, South Asia, the Near and Middle East, East Europe, South-East Europe, Central Asia and Transcaucasia. Seizures in bodies of water within the mentioned regions, such as the Gulf of Oman or the Indian Ocean, are also included and referred to as “Maritime” seizures. The specific intention is to focus on possible trafficking in heroin and methamphetamine from Afghanistan, a major source of illegally produced drugs, and trafficking in neighbouring regions.